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SomeFunGuy 9 years ago
Make Love, Not war
Jay 6 years ago
He can't fuck and she can!! Dang!
My army man 6 years ago
Can't wait for him to come home too to make love like that
SexyLatina 3 years ago
This is how all Men who serve our country should always be treated xxx ;)
WifeHus 2 years ago
Shes definitely getting good dick somewhere else...he aint sheit
DaddyLongDong 3 years ago
That’s just terrible....I’d take that sexy bitch to the good ole pound town
Diana 1 year ago
God could you imagine finally being able to release all that tension, stress and pain with a woman again.
Black belt 5 years ago
Used to be authorized for wear with the ACU you cherry fuck.
Dude22 6 years ago
Soldier dick
Vieper 2 years ago
I realy want to fuck, let me fuck you