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Pvt Schmuckatelli 3 years ago
Hey.....fapfapfap….that' not an army uniform....fapfapfap...i my beloved corps like that...fapfapfap...shoul be ashamed of yourself...fapfapfap
LCpl Warner 3 years ago
That's a Marine Corp uniform, who posted this?! F***ing Jodie
Lance Criminal Underground 5 years ago
Green Weenie 4 years ago
At least get the uniform right
TerminalLance 7 years ago
Green weenie will be in the sequel
Damn It Carl 7 years ago
Army Recruiter? Marine Corps Uniform? Hmmmm
Adam 3 years ago
Youv know who ever posted this video never served a day in his life.
wildstallion 2 years ago
who cares about the fucking uniform lol. I'd love to walk in on this Mmmm
disGRUNTled 7 years ago
Make it realistic and show a sequel where she's getting fucked by the green weenie after the recruiter disappears.
i thought 6 years ago
She was an air force recruiter. No wait a coast guard one. I got it she's a navy recruiter.