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Elcoso 3 years ago
F for elmo
Alex 3 years ago
They all American bitches arab girls are not cheap trust me.
Hoes? Only American babes 3 years ago
Fact: the girl that was fucked was probably American. Only American pussy is cheap as fuck like that ;)
Bo$$ 3 years ago
Heheheeeeey... that's Nicole Bexley and not some random arabic girl. Nice disguise anyway.
boooooii 3 years ago
thats a pornstar i seen her in other videos
Funny Valentine 1 year ago
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Lmao this shit 3 years ago
That chick is wearing makeup dawg, you think 3rd worlders can afford to look like that y’all be trippin
3 years ago
3 years ago
Your all dumb Arab pussy is cheap cuz their money is dirt cheap
Check 6 3 years ago
I lost it when he said “rabbit check six” dude just points weapon